Quality of Materials

Thanks to its research team and to the collaboration with important brands, COFRA makes sure that all materials are selected and developed with constant attention to the real needs of the users, to quality and cutting-edge technologies. This guarantees the widest range of high quality materials and an excellent protection for the user in any type of work. 

COOLMAX® is a highly technical polyester fibre: it is endowed with a special four channel structure, able to increase the surface of each thread, thus allowing moisture to dry and be absorbed faster. The COOLMAX® textiles stay dry and do not adhere to skin.


COFRA-TEX is a TPU membrane (Thermoplastic Polyurethane): elastic in 4 directions, super light, ultra-thin, resistant to oil and grease, with great properties of breathability and water repellency. Garments made of COFRA-TEX membrane have excellent mechanical properties. Laboratory tests proved good tear resistance.

Microfiber padding whose surface is 10 times vs traditional fibres. This means that 3M™ THINSULATE™ Insulation microfibers retain more air, reducing the dispersion of warmth outwards. Consequently, THINSULATE™ grants constant thermic insulation even under severe weather conditions where wind is strong and temperatures are harsh.

Stretchy garments guarantee a greater resistance to wear and abrasion compared to ordinary workwear. 

It is a high technology fabric engineered to guarantee the maximum resistance to abrasions, lacerations, tears and perforations, moreover it is light and easy to maintain. The fabric CORDURA® lasts from 2 to 7 times compared to nylon, polyester and cotton.

RESISTEX CARBON® yarn covers the whole plantar surface and guarantees perfect functionality in every movement. The padded insole perfectly fits the foot, thanks to the double elastic band, and avoids blister formation.

LYCRA® is a bielastic synthetic fibre, patented by DuPont. LYCRA® fibre can be used in all kinds of fabric and combined with all other fibres, both natural and synthetic. It can stretch up to 7 times its length, subsequently returning to its original dimensions unaltered. It does not loose any of its characteristics even when washed often, thus garments made of LYCRA® keep their comfort for a long time and are always following the movements of the body.


Thanks to the composition of the fibres inserted into the weft of the fabric, the E-WARD is a real barrier that protects the human body from the waves of mobile phones. 99% of the power of the signal is voided, through the absorbing or reflecting action of the fabric. COFRA Workwear garments are equipped with mobile phone pockets which guarantee the phone reception though block the signal before it reaches the human body, thus preventing possible physical disorders that can derive from electromagnetic pollution. The E-WARD fabric conforms to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate. 

The special X-BARRIER treatment, thanks to nanotechnology, provides the textile with a great stain resistance and breathability. The finishing does not adhere to the surface like a film but binds to the yarn at a molecular level, without closing the interstices between the frames of the fibres, thus allowing air and water vapour circulation. The treatment favours the flow of water-based and oil-based stains over the tissue and makes them easily washable. Test results, in compliance with certification OEKO-TEX® standard 100 product of class II, show that X-BARRIER fabric satisfies all requirements for innocuousness of products in a direct contact with skin. 

The backward reflecting bands 3MTM SCOTCHLITETM Reflective Material - 8910 and 8906 Silver Fabric makes visible and identifiable those who work at night or by any other condition of scarce luminosity. They meet all requirements established by EN ISO 20471:2013 standards placing themselves in the highest class of refractivity (class 2). They resist minimum 50 water-washings at 60 ÆC and at least 20 dry-cleanings. 3M™ SCOTCHLITE™ is a trademark of 3M.

COOLDRY® is a dry, fresh and comfortable fibre, combining the softness of cotton with the technical features of the polyester. It rapidly releases moisture and lets fresh air pass from the outside to the body, thus avoiding the sensation of “dampness” on the skin. COOLDRY® is guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate, it is anallergic and respects Ph factor of the skin. Easy to maintain, it can be either washed in the washing machine or dry-cleaned with no risk of deformation.

Thanks to our technological innovation, COFRA has developed a brand new treatment which gives our garments a casual appearance and makes them suitable even out of the workplace. Fabric has been improved and made softer in order to guarantee maximum comfort on the skin. It offers very high performances, like all the other colours in the Canvas range. 60ÆC dry washable, resistant to shrinkage, abrasion and use, colours are very firm.

All zip fasteners used on COFRA Workwear garments are YKK®, real guarantee of long time resistance, smoothness and easy usage. They fit any type of application and resistant to each solicitation.