Free* shipping on all Canadian orders over $100 before taxe. Delivery fees will be automatically calculated upon payment before your order is finalized.  

*Restrictions may apply. The shipping promotion does not apply on carts containing accessories only. If you are located outside the regular delivery service, shipping fees may apply. 


Delivery (3-7 business days after the billing date).


Deliveries are made Monday through Friday, except for statutory holidays. Shipping time is calculated from the moment the package leaves our warehouse. Delivery times are approximate and could be delayed due to factors beyond our control. Delivery times do not include order processing times (1-2 business days; In order to allow our employees to take a well-deserved rest and spend time with family, our shipping department will be closed from December 21 2023 to January 2 2024. Orders placed after December 20 2023 will be processed after January 2nd 2024.


Each order is delivered at the designated address. Once the purchase is complete, an email will be sent to confirm your order and your address.