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Foundry, Black - Cofra

Foundry Safety Work Boots

C21492 -11
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  • Water repellent full grain leather upper.
  • Breathable and abrasion resistant leather lining.
  • Heat Barrier outsole, made of soft and scented polyurethane, anatomic, perforated, insulating against high temperatures. The thermal comfort inside the footwear is granted thanks to the special polyurethane
  • compound devised to give high insulation. Covered with leather.
  • Stitched outsole, made of rubber nitrile outsole resistant to +300°C/+572°F (1 minute contact).
  • Steel toe cap.
  • Anti-perforation midsole made of non-metallic APT Plate – Zero Perforation.
  • Adjustable velcro closure and fire-retardant laces.
  • Quick removal in case of accidental immersion.
  • Triple seams in Kevlar in the most stressed areas.