GORE-TEX® membrane offers waterproofness and high breathability to the footwear as well as an anti-bacterial protection.

APT Plate

Textile anti-perforation sole, 100% metal-free and flexible. It is lighter and more comfortable than the current steel plate. It also offers 100% surface protection.

Top Return

100% metal-free, non-magnetic composite toe cap with 25% reduced thickness at the tip. Giving thermal insulation, it is also lighter and elastic (resumes its shape in the event of crushing, thus facilitating the exit of the foot).


100% polyamide lining, for high breathability and abrasion resistance. Antimicrobial fibres act against bad odor. Moisture is easily released.

Heat Barrier

Outsole made of soft and scented polyurethane, antistatic, anatomic, holed, insulating against high temperatures. The thermal comfort inside the footwear is granted thanks to the special polyurethane compound devised to give high insulation. Covered with leather.


Washable and highly resistant to chemical microfiber (50% polyamide and 50% polyurethane) that offers a superior performance compared to natural leather. It is elastic and resistant to rips, abrasion and cuts, while offering comfort and finish similar to animal leather.

Tex Pet

Fabric made with 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and meeting the requirements of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Cofra Tex

Sock-shaped membrane with total waterproffness ensured.


Techshell is a sturdy, water-repellent and breathable fabric. It is very resistant to abrasion and friction.


POLY-GREEN is a material made of polyurethane and recycled polyurethane correctly dosed and mixed, in order to guarantee a perfect balance between shock absorption and lift.


Cambrelle is a 100% polyamide lining. It is breathable and highly resistant to abrasion. It also absorbs sweat and keeps the foot dry.


Minifibre 100% polyester polyurethane layered, it maintains its features through time.